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Understanding Genocide, Conflict, and Human Rights Violations

Understanding Genocide, Conflict, and Human Rights Violations

I analyze genocide from a comparative perspective. By examining its causes, dynamics, and consequences across different contexts and periods, I aim to identify parallels and patterns. This approach enables me to critically examine significant events such as genocide, human rights violations, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and child soldiers.

My area of expertise is centered on examining the effects of ideological indoctrination on individuals and society. Through extensive research, I delve into the underlying motives, mechanisms, and consequences of indoctrination, drawing on the personal experiences and firsthand accounts of those who have been impacted. For a deeper understanding of the Holocaust, I place great emphasis on the narratives of survivors. These stories are of immense value, and I firmly believe in their preservation and dissemination to future generations, as they offer valuable insight into the unimaginable horrors that these individuals endured.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany

The Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan Tsitsernakaberd

The Armenian Genocide Memorial, Yerevan Tsitsernakaberd

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