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 A  Tribute to the Professors Who Inspired and Help Shape My Career 


June 15, 1953-July 1, 2021

Professor Eric Weitz was an invaluable mentor who shaped me into the scholar I am today. His teachings on the complexities of genocide, empathy, and analytical thinking continue to guide my academic and advocacy work. Under his guidance, I gained extensive knowledge of the Holocaust and genocide and a deep appreciation for ethical responsibilities. Professor Weitz's scholarly works had a profound impact on my intellectual growth and critical analysis techniques. His unwavering belief in my potential and continuous inspiration have been invaluable. His contributions to history and genocide studies will undoubtedly have a lasting impact.

Eric D. Weitz

Photo of Dr. Eric Weitz, courtesy of the Princeton University Press



March 25, 1942-March 4, 2008

Dr. Feinstein founded the Holocaust and Genocide Studies program at the University of Minnesota. His dedication and expertise in this field were unmatched. As my advisor, he was always compassionate and supportive and had unwavering faith in me. Dr. Feinstein established a nurturing academic environment and fostered a sense of community among his students. His influence continues to inspire my work to this day.

Stephen Feinstein

Photo of Stephen Feinstein, courtesy of the American Jewish World,  March 14, 2008 

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